Rules and Guidelines

At the start of the season teams will be placed randomly into leagues. You will play each team once and then be re-allocated into new skill based leagues depending on where you finish in the original league. You will play 2 10 week seasons in these leagues, with promotion and relegation taking place. A cup tournament will also be organised towards the end of the season (If you’re in Manchester this is the highlight of the year so make sure you get involved!)

• Over head height is allowed

• When the ball goes out of play, play will be re-started with a kick in (if applicable). If the ball leaves the cage, play will be restarted with goalkeepers ball from the opposite team that last touched it.

• Nobody is allowed in the area except the goalkeeper, if a defender goes in their own area, it is a penalty. If the goalkeeper comes out it is a penalty. Common sense will be applied when enforcing this rule to decide whether it was deliberate or a players motion just carried them in. If an attacker goes in, its goalkeepers ball.

• Penalties will be taken from the edge of the area or 4 yards outside the area (depending on area size) and the taker must only have one step before the shot

•  Yellow cards carry a 2 minute sin bin. 2 yellows = a red.

• The goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass, results in a free kick being given from 4 yards outside the area

• All free kicks are direct

• No opposition player can be stood within 4 yards of free kick, corner or kick in

• Once the goal keeper has passed the ball to a defender, the ball cannot go directly back to the goal keeper. If it does a free kick from the point of the pass will be given.

• If a foul is committed when the attacking player has a clear goal scoring opportunity a free shot will be given from the point of the foul. This will be the same as a free kick, but all players must be behind the ball.

• Substitutions are roll on/roll off, so players can come on and off as many times as they wish. However the referee must be notified when any substitution is made

• No sliding is allowed

• By signing up to the competition you have made a commitment to fulfill all the fixtures in the coming year

• Please arrive 10 minutes before you game, so that you can pay your match fee and get started on time

• Teams must pay in cash before they play, you will be given a chip as receipt, games will not start until the referee has a chip from both teams

• If you are late, you will start a goal down

• If your team fails to honour a fixture, you will be liable for the full cost of the match missed. You will also be given a 5-0 loss.

• If the team you are due to play against do not show, a friendly will be organised which will cost the same as normal game, but you will get the 5-0 win.

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