Wednesday 7.30pm-10pm | Student Soccer

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League Info

Welcome to the Wednesday league!

We are recruiting teams new teams all the time so let us know if you know anyone interested.

The league will run between 7.30pm-10pm every Wednesday and take place at Manchester Central Powerleague.

The address for the venue is: 20 Union Street, M12 4JD

All games are 5 a side and cost £30 per team per week.

If you are ever struggling to put a team out, please get in touch – 07900618766 or

Missing games with no notice is unacceptable, we can almost always help out with extra players etc if you need them.

We like to run a fair league and want YOU to enjoy it as much as possible. We are here to help so communication is the key. If you’re ever having any problems fielding a team please let us know in good time and we will do our best to help out.

We only ask for a few things, they are for everyones benefit and to make the leagues run as smoothly as possible.
1. Please be punctual – be there 10 minute before your kick off and have your money ready to give to our league organisers.
2. Please behave – we know everyone wants to win, but being offensive to team mates, opposition or any of our staff will not be tolerated.
3. Please be honest – always communicate with us and let us know if you’re having problems getting a team. Missing games without notice isn’t fair on us or your opposition. We work very hard to make sure you get a game every time you turn up.
4. Please enjoy yourself – this is the most important part of the leagues!

To begin with you have been placed into random leagues. You will play each team once in this set up, then be placed into ranked leagues. So after 5 games the top 2 teams from each division go into the top league etc. Following this you will play 2 x 10 week seasons with promotion and relegation for the top 2/bottom 2 at the end of each season.


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